Kid-Friendly Activities in Vaucluse

The popular French region of Vaucluse is famous for its ancient towns and historic buildings. It has a cuisine that is inspired from the local produce and has a landscape that is truly varied and remarkable. But it does not really have a reputation as a fun place for kids to go to. As an adults and educational destination there are few to compare in France to Vaucluse. But surprisingly, as opposed to reputation there are also plenty of activities that young children will love. 

Hiking in Roussillon

The beautiful village of Roussillon and the surround areas are perfect for a family activity holiday. The scenery is a spectacular ochre color due to the old mining activities that used to take place all over the region. One former quarry has opened up to visitors and has transformed the old clay into a most fantastic walking path. The Sentir des Ochresis really a special place to visit and your kids will think it is like visiting a sci-fi set. The walk is deliberately fashioned so people of all ages and capabilities can enjoy it, perfect for the kids.

History Lessons in Avignon  

History Lessons in Avignon
History Lessons in Avignon  

If your kids have inquisitive minds, then you can take them to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Avignon is fascinating for young minds to visit and learn all about. This beautiful old medieval city was actually home to several popes during the 1300s. And their ancient palace is still one of the most visited buildings in Vaucluse. The Palais des Papesis in surprisingly good condition considering its age. It is an excellent place for students to learn so much about history, both religious and historical.

Visit a Provencal Market

Markets are always brilliant places to visit for people of any age. And the markets in Provence are especially colorful and interesting. One of the biggest and the very best is Isle sur La Sorgue. Not only can you find all the beautiful vegetables and flowers that grow in the region it also has a fantastic flea market. And wandering around the different stalls will delight your kids as just about anything can be found lying about, almost discarded.

Hitting the Beach

Just the mention of going down to the seaside will excite your kids into a frenzy. And since part of Provence has a wonderful coastline there are plenty of places to choose from. However, because of the popularity of the beaches in this part of France in the summer then it is not the best time to visit. Try to go off-season and your day out will be a far more rewarding experience. If you base yourself around Sainte-Maxime, then you have plenty of great beach choices only an hour or so drive away. There are even some beaches that have ferry connections to the popular resort of Saint Tropez.

So, the next time you are considering a family holiday don’t rule out Vaucluse, as there are many options for the kids to enjoy. The best thing about the area is that many of these kid-friendly activities are outdoors thus they have plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful weather.